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Heinz Volk


The paintings of Heinz Volk are like from another world.
Idiosyncratic compositions with dynamic colours as well as lines with an unparalleled intensity characterize his inspiring and simultaneously polarizing works.

Heinz Volk

Heinz Volk

Born February 17th, 1954

Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg
6 Semesters Graphic Arts with Prof. Walter
6 Semesters Painting with Prof. Wendland

Freelancing artist since 1979

Since 30 years Heinz Volk is specialized in artistic walldesigns, especially modelling scraping techniques, creations from coloured glass, illustrative painting (Trompe-l´oeil), contemporary surfacedesign and mosaics out of natural stones and glass stones as well as unique tile works.

Creative Prize of the Federal Community for Pooldesign 1998

References and others:

Administrative Building Schoeller, Forchheimer Straße, Nuremberg
Allianz Nuremberg, Forchheimer Straße, Nuremberg
Glass Design Victor´s Residenz-Hotel, Leipzig
Hotel Ludwig Thoma, Bad Füssing
Parkhotel Gunzenhausen
Erlebnisbad Juramare, Pottenstein
Felsenbad Pottenstein
Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum Weiherhof
Various private pools in Southern Germany


The paintings of Heinz Volk are like from another world.

The intense colours of his paintings are the obvious hallmark of the artist which already reveals itself at first sight.

The sophistication of the composition of his artworks is often revealed at second glance only.

In his so-called lyrical abstraction the artist mostly divides each work in countless individual fields which he covers with both recurring patterns as well as applications made from composition gold and real silver to finish the artwork with his extraordinary iridescent acrylic colours at the very end.

Painting is pure ecstasy for Heinz Volk – this is immediately recognized by the viewers of his art objects.

Works which are full of power, vitality, joy of colours, spontaneity, improvisation and attention to detail are always being created by his hands.

Many art collectors from all over the world have been convinced by the unique impact of his images and their inimitability to buy an original Heinz Volk painting.

His works are to be found in numerous private collections in the U. S. A., Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Luxembourg.